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Te Kooti Whenua Maori (Maori Land Court)

Maori Land On Line

On the 29th November 2005, Maori Land On Line was officially launched. The site is now available on the Maori Land Court website at this location: www.maorilandonline.govt.nz/

What is Maori Land On Line?

MLOL is a purpose built computer programme that enables people using the internet to search for current Maori land ownership, title and land management information and print that information.

Users can:

  • Perform a search under owner name to verify if a person owns current Maori land interests;
  • Perform a search under block name to verify if the block is a current Maori land title;
  • Perform a search under name of a management structure to verify whether a current management structure exists;
  • Perform a search to find out if there are current alienations (e.g leases, occupations orders) or encumberances (e.g. mortgages) on a current Maori land title; and
  • Print search results – e.g. current owner details; current block ownership lists; current management structure details.

The information returned to users is restricted to:

  • the block details for all current Maori land titles – name of block, date and reference of title order, area of block, certificate of title reference (if applicable), number of owners, total shares in block;
  • the ownership details for current Maori land titles – names of owners and number of shares owned;
  • the details of management structures which have been established to administer Maori land – date and reference of order creating management structure, names of trustees; and
  • details of encumbrances (affecting title to the land) noted on the memorial schedule.

MLOL does not provide access to:

  • any historical information;
  • any historical images;
  • any whakapapa information
  • any addresses or contact details for owners or trustees; and
  • copies of Court orders (although references are provided)

[Source: Ministry of Justice, Te Pouwhenua, Hui-Tanguru/February 2006]

To obtain further information regarding shares and shareholdings in any of the Ngati Hine Forestry Trust land, you can visit your nearest Maori Land Court.They can be found at the following web site: courts.govt.nz/maorilandcourt.

The Maori Land Information Base (MLIB)

Te Puni Kokiri also provides information on Maori freehold land blocks. The Maori Land Information Base can be used to locate individual Maori land blocks on a computer-generated map. The Maori Land Information Base can be accessed at the following link: tpk.govt.nz/business/mlidb.